The World’s First Meditation Franchise

Current meditation is more than just a studio.  It’s a revolutionary approach to helping anyone develop a healthy state of mind through our proprietary guided meditations.  Our innovative formula blends scientifically backed techniques with an approachable format that makes meditation and mindfulness accessible to more people than ever before.  Our skilled guides create an optimal meditation experience.  No app can do that.

The surge in the health and wellness market and the growing acceptance of mindfulness training make this the perfect moment for Current to tell its story.  Millions of individuals have already begun meditating and millions more will discover the practice.  For all meditators, Current is the place to be.

Proven membership model
Non-invasive health and wellness
Small staff requirements and easy to operate
No license or certification requirements
Unlimited labor supply and comprehensive guide training
Cloud based POS and online booking
Seamlessly Integrated retail strategy
Low overhead and fixed expenses
High Margins
State-of-the-art buildout with aggressive cost control and supply chain management

Regional Development and Franchise Opportunities Available.

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