Current Meditation Set to Expand in NJ as First Regional Developer License Awarded for the World’s First Meditation Franchise

Current Meditation, which opened its first studio near its corporate headquarters in Phoenix nearly one year ago, anticipates that by the end of the year all available regions will be sold, with 175 franchised locations opening across the country in the next three years.

The It List 2017

Breathe easy at the Valley’s first meditation mecca. The studio recently opened its Phoenix location with a mission to teach meditation techniques for the modern world.

You Can Try This at Home, but Meditation Studios are Currently in Vogue

The trials and tribulations of multi-tasking as an intellectual properties litigator brought Hamid Jabbar to the mat, first as a yoga instructor and then as a meditation guide.

Meditation for the Modern World: Current Meditation Now Franchising

Current Meditation, a Phoenix-based meditation studio, will begin franchising this spring, becoming the first meditation franchise concept in the U.S. Current Meditation focuses on “meditation for the modern world” to bring the practice of meditation mainstream, setting the new standard for the health and wellness industry.

Healthcare in Today’s Workplace

Ross Weisman says he and his co-founders chose to focus specifically on meditation with Current Meditation, which they opened in Phoenix’s Arcadia neighborhood last year with the goal of making it easier for people to add meditation to their daily routine.

The First “Meditation for the Modern World” Concept Announces Franchising Coming Soon

Current Meditation was created by three families who have been early pioneers in other successful franchising concepts including Massage Envy, European Wax Center and Amazing Lash Studio.

Get Fit for Life

The Valley’s first meditation studio that specializes in “meditation for the modern world,” Current Meditation solely provides meditation classes and is focused on mindfulness for today’s modern world.

It’s All About Meditation

With meditation its sole focus, Current Meditation specializes in mental fitness and guided meditation practice, combining scientifically backed meditation curriculum with a cutting edge environment that provides a place for people to focus on the practice of mental fitness as part of their regular routine.