An unparalleled meditation experience

Our multi-sensory experience combines neuroscience, proven practices, fresh innovations, caring guides, and a supportive community in a beautiful setting that’s optimized for meditation and building skills for a better life.

A scientific approach

Our innovative methodology is backed by years of research into neuroscience and how meditation can physically transform your mind for the better through the proven process of neuroplasticity.

Fully guided meditation

You’ll never fly solo here. Our highly experienced guides are here to offer their knowledge and encouragement so that you get the most out of every class. This is an experience you just can’t get from any app.

Harmonic sound

Quickly descend into a restorative meditative state with a symphony of gongs and singing bowls. Our sound meditation techniques shift your brainwaves deep into a peaceful theta state that’s difficult to achieve on your own.

Aerial meditation

Feel your worries and stress float away as you sway gently in our silk hammocks. Gentle pressure therapy relaxes your body and nervous system, transporting you into a deeper, even more restorative meditation.

Testimonial Videos

Watch real people share real results from their experiences at Current Meditation



Sales VP, Mother of Three



Real Estate, Hedge Fund Manager



Transportation Analyst

The Skills Challenge

Track your journey as you build five valuable life skills.
How do you want to improve your life through meditation? Better sleep? Healthier relationships? Decreased work stress It’s all up to you.
Train your brain to lock in on the task in front of you with laser-sharp focus so that you can get more done, with more enjoyment and better results.
Do you ever feel that life is passing you by? Learn to get off the mental treadmill so you can tune into the world around you with more gratitude.
Life can throw a lot at you. In this month’s challenge, you’ll hone the mental tools to handle all of it with more calm, patience and wisdom.
By this point in your journey, you’ll be recognizing many improvements in your life. So will your family and friends. The key now is to keep it going.

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© 2021 Current Meditation | Privacy Policy