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Imagine a world...

"I don't have the words for it right now, I just know I love it. It feels like Christmas morning that there's such a place to go to and experience such a huge difference in a short period of time. Thank you!"
– Tera F.
"The aerial classes are so unique, I had never experienced anything like it before! The overall atmosphere is so welcoming and peaceful. The classes are very relaxing and have already helped my stress levels go down after just one week of regular attendance!"
– Kylie A.
"The entire experience was fantastic. The teacher, the peaceful environment and the feeling I had afterwards of complete relaxation that reduced my stress and eased my anxiety."
– Katie H.
"Friendly welcoming atmosphere along with wonderful meditation. The bowls are beautiful, [silks] are so comfortable, and the clean, beautiful space is conducive to a great experience."
– Jackie W.
"The best guided imagery and use of sound to assist you in meditation. This is strictly for meditation and stress relief - it's not cluttered with yoga, aromatherapy, or anything else; it simply provides the most knowledgeable guides with a variety of approaches to lead you to achieve a deep meditative state."
– Stephenie C.
"The entire experience was incredibly welcoming and inviting. Thank you for the modern decor instead of the statues and shrines and other common "meditation decor" that generally makes me feel like I don't belong in that world."
– Amoryn S.
"This was my first experience EVER doing Meditation. Because of your class, I am completely hooked. I needed something different in my life to relieve stress and anxiety."
– Loni S.
"I felt really good and relaxed after my first session, like I had just had a massage."
– Pamela K.
"I have noticed a positive difference in my life after beginning meditation at [Current]."
– Allison G.
"The staff genuinely cares, it's a safe place to let go of anxieties, worries, self-doubt. It is a space where you can truly learn to open your heart and mind. Change yourself from the inside out.”
– Nikki V.

The proven benefits of meditation

The tangible benefits of meditation can be felt every day. Our innovative approach can help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and overcome that urge to check your Facebook every other minute. But the ultimate benefit of meditation is mindfulness, a quiet rebellion against the to-do list. Mindfulness meditation is about closing a few of those tabs in your brain’s browser to help you better manage stress. It’s about letting go of the past and putting the future on hold so that we can focus on the present, where life actually happens.

Reinventing meditation for the modern world

Current is more than just a meditation studio. It’s a bold new take on meditation that helps newbies and experienced meditators alike rise above the mayhem of modern life. We blend mindfulness techniques, harmonic sound and aerial hammocks into a multi-sensory experience that helps you reduce stress naturally. Everything we do is backed by science and inspired by our mission to help guests reduce anxiety, improve sleep and live more mindfully. And our highly trained guides will be there every step of the way, downloading their knowledge and advice in a way no app can.

Get out of your head and into our studio

Meditation is a lot like going to the gym. You can’t just think about going, you actually have to go. And you have to keep going to see results. We make it easy for you to do both. Our inviting studio, welcoming community and guided group meditation classes will help you establish a meditation routine you can stick to. So sign up today for your free class and start your journey to a healthier state of mind. Apart from the stress and anxiety, what have you got to lose?