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When it comes to practicing meditation, we know you have options. Your yoga studio may offer a class or two. You could try a meditation app. Or you could simply wing it and hope for the best. But we believe you deserve better than that. That’s why we’ve created a meditation experience you won’t find anywhere else. And it’s all about helping you maximize the benefits of meditation. Keep reading to learn more about our unique approach.

What makes Current Meditation the best choice for me?

We’ve spent years conducting research, engaging experts, and studying the science of guided and sound meditation to create the most optimal and beneficial meditation experience. Our approach combines elements of ancient and modern practices to create a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. This includes the use of proprietary guided, sound, and aerial meditations.

While it may be tempting to download an app and try meditating on your own, there’s simply no comparison to what we offer. At Current, you’ll always have a guide to bring you back into the meditation if you happen to stray. No app can do the same. Additionally, when you use a meditation app, you’re actually deepening your dependency on your phone—one of the biggest sources of stress and distraction in our lives!

Why is guided meditation better than meditating alone?

At Current, you’ll never ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?” That’s because our guides will always be there to show you the way. All you have to do is follow along and direct your awareness to where our guide points you. This makes your meditation here easier and more effective because you’ll have less to think about and more to experience.

Our guided and harmonic sound techniques are a big part of that. Silence is explored in all of our meditations, but unlike meditating alone, our guide will occasionally break the silence and bring you back into awareness to ensure that you’re maximizing the benefits of your meditation.

The crystal bowls and gongs we integrate into our meditations are scientifically proven to transport you to a deeper, more restorative meditative state. These complex instruments can be played only by highly trained guides with the expertise to play specific notes and tones based on your meditation for that session. The intricate sounds created by these instruments are so complex, they can’t be replicated by any device or application.

All of this adds up to an experience that’s impossible to duplicate anywhere else.

Why is the harmonic meditation so impactful?

The shimmering sounds of our crystal bowls and gongs are more than music to the ear. They actually downshift your brain waves into a deeper, more restorative frequency. Brain waves are rhythmic changes in electrical energy, receding and swelling again and again like waves of the ocean. The sound waves produced by our crystal bowls are also rhythmic, and they correspond to the four kinds of brain waves.

Our instruments work by slowing your brainwave activity down to an Alpha state. Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) are present when your brain is idling. This is typically experienced only when you’re daydreaming, or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. With the crystal bowls, you can shift into this altered state of consciousness within five minutes. Without the crystal bowls, reaching this state can take ten times as long.

Numerous studies have shown that the brain undergoes profound changes while listening to these sounds. As specific chords are played, different hormones and neurochemicals are released, suppressing pain, improving mood, and reducing anxiety levels to create a feeling of balance, relaxation and well-being. You’re also likely to find that your senses are more acute and your concentration more focused.

What makes aerial meditation so unique?

Our one-of-a-kind aerial meditation classes give your subconscious a path to unwind and harness the power of wakeful rest. Users describe climbing into our silk hammocks and instantly feeling a sense of calm wash over their mind and body, making way for a meditation unlike any other.

These signature hammocks are strong enough to easily support a person’s weight, yet as light and gentle on the body as a feather. They contour to every curve and facet of your body, making you feel weightless. Laying in the aerial silks relaxes your physical and nervous system with pressure therapy as you gently sway, easing you into a deeper, more restorative meditation. It’s a floating, multi-sensory experience that soothes your mind and diminishes any aches and tension in your body.

Can you really rewire your brain, and what does that even mean?

A long-term meditation practice can indeed rewire your brain, literally changing its physical structure through a process called neuroplasticity. What this means is that you can condition your mind to perform better in the same way you can strengthen your body by regularly going through the gym. And there’s plenty of science to back this up.

Magnetic resonance imaging has been used to demonstrate that meditation has a positive effect on the prefrontal cortex and other brain regions associated with sensory processing and interoception (a sense of the internal state of the body). These changes have been shown to translate into a bounty of benefits to the body and mind. In fact, neuroplasticity has also been shown to reduce the severity of major depressive disorder.

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