Meditation for the modern world

What Makes Current Meditation® the Best Meditation Available?

We have spent years researching, engaging experts, and studying the science of Guided and Sound Meditation to create the most beneficial and optimal meditation in the industry. We believe this means combining multiple elements of ancient and modern practices to create one unmatched meditation. This includes the use of proprietary guided, sound, and aerial meditations - blended together to bring you a supremely effective meditation you cannot experience anywhere else.

Many people decide to download an easy application to help them meditate, or simply just start out on their own. However, the primary drawback to these styles is that you have no teacher to bring you back into the meditation if you stray. In addition, you are creating a dependency on the one thing (your device!) you are aiming to gain respite from. Many people find meditation on their own or using an application extremely difficult, hard to build off, and easy to become distracted from.

Why is Guided Meditation better than just trying at home?

At Current Meditation®, you do not have to worry about whether you are meditating correctly, because our Guides lead the way. You simply have to follow along, directing your internal awareness to where the Guide points you. This practice is much easier, more effective, and more focused because you can relax knowing that a skilled Guide is directing your mind where it needs to go.

Our Guided meditations also allow for deeper experiences, via our proprietary Guided and Harmonic Sound meditation incorporated into all classes. The reason you will find yourself able to meditate longer and deeper is because the instruments we utilize are simply not replicable through any device, application, or computer. Furthermore, they require training and expertise to play specific tones and notes based on your meditation for that session.

In our guided practices, silence is also explored, but unlike in a self-guided practice, the Guide will from time to time bring students back, thus breaking the silence and ensuring that the students are maximizing their time in meditation. We use advanced instruments, including the singing crystal bowls and gong, which can only be played by a trained Guide. These instruments are scientifically proven to help transport your mind to a much deeper, more restorative meditation. Distinct tunes from the crystal bowls soothe the mind into a relaxed state, and trigger your brain waves to move into a deeper, more restorative frequency.

Why is the Sound Meditation that is incorporated into all of our classes so impactful?

The pure, resonating notes of the crystal bowls actually work to modify your brainwave activity, slowing it down to the Alpha state. Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) are present when your brain is in an idling state typically experienced only when you're daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. With the crystal bowls, one can relax into an altered state of consciousness within 5 minutes, whereas reaching this state can take ten times as long without the crystal bowls.

As specific chords are played, different hormones and neurochemicals are released, suppressing pain, improving mood, reducing anxiety levels, and leading to overall balancing and feelings of well-being. Numerous studies have shown that the brain, while listening to these sounds, experiences profound changes. The senses are more developed and acute. A person will experience increased concentration and complete relaxation.

Brain waves are rhythmic changes in electrical energy, receding and swelling again and again like waves of the ocean. The soundwaves of the crystal bowls are also rhythmic, and correspond to the four kinds of brain waves. Knowing that sound has such a profound effect on the brain, the bones of the skull, and the entire nervous system, it is no wonder that crystal bowls can have such a powerful effect on people. It explains why participants after a session are so relaxed and happy, and how the sounds create positive changes on physical and psychological levels.

What are the Aerial Silk Hammocks?

Our one-of-a-kind aerial meditation classes give your subconscious a path to unwind by laying in a silk hammock during a guided meditation class with harmonic sound.

Our signature silk hammocks are strong enough to support up to 900 pounds of weight, yet as light and gentle on the body as a feather. They contour to every curve and facet of your body, making you feel weightless. Laying in the aerial silks relaxes your physical and nervous system with pressure therapy as you sway gently, pushing you into a deeper, even more restorative meditation. Meditating in the aerial silks allows you to harness the power of wakeful rest. The aerial silks create a multi-sensory, floating experience, while relaxing the mind and relieving aches and tension in the body. Users describe climbing into a silk hammock and instantly feeling a sense of calm come over their mind and body, making way for a meditation unlike any other.

Fall back into one of our signature aerial silk hammocks, and experience the feeling of floating on a cloud. You'll never want to leave.

We have done all the work for you. Let us show you how to meditate, and bring you the most optimal environment for effective, successful meditations. Let us help you take care of your mind and well-being.

We invite you to come take a session and begin experiencing the benefits of Current Meditation® yourself.