Frequently Meditated Upon Questions is more like it.

We know meditation can look and feel strange, especially for beginners! Not to worry. Our mission is to make our classes as comfortable as possible for everyone by removing all barriers to living in the moment. If you have a question about the Current Meditation experience, chances are you’re not the first to ask. Read below for the answer.

  • What classes are best for beginners?

    Each of our classes includes all the fundamental elements of meditation. Our guides are trained at helping everyone, from beginners to the enlightened, go at their own pace and connect with their true selves. The most important thing is that you make meditation a regular part of your routine.

  • What should I wear?

    If you feel comfortable in it, you should wear it here. Keep in mind that we do have delicate materials such as the silks used for Aerial meditation, so we kindly request that you wear clothing free of metal or anything sharp. We have lockers and cubbies for your jackets, work clothes and shoes, so no worries there.

  • Do I need to bring anything?

    Like many experiences, if you go into meditation with a positive mind, you’ll have a good time. Other than that, don’t forget your car keys.

  • What if I can’t sit still?

    It happens. You’re in a room with other people and you’re being led through guided breathing. It can be hard to get settled in at first. The important thing to remember is to not judge your restlessness, or think that it’s wrong. Our guides will help you discover your physical comfort within the experience.

  • Follow up to that, what if I fall asleep?

    That also happens. And, while both very relaxing, meditation and napping are two very different activities. When you’re meditating, you’re actively training your brain. Dozing off won’t help you build mental fitness. The good news is, we know how to bring you back to the land of the conscious as gently as possible.

  • Is meditation a religious experience?

    Meditation traces its roots to Eastern philosophy, specifically Buddhism. But the practice itself is non-denominational. The modern approach we take at Current is more scientific in nature.

  • How will I know if it’s working?

    Some people meditate for thirty years and can’t tell you the exact moment they could tell it started working. The effects of mindfulness are subtle, but very real. You might notice you don’t check your phone as much when in the company of others. Maybe your partner commends you on your listening skills. Or you’ll be able to center yourself with one big breath before a company-wide presentation.


    By taking just one class, you’re already rewiring your brain for the better. You’ll feel its effects when you get into a situation and find yourself saying, “Huh, I handled that differently than I used to. And I like it.”

  • How do memberships work?

    If you’re a first time guest, we’ve got an introductory experience that you can find here. Once you’re ready to take more time for your meditation practice, we offer multiple membership and package options that make establishing a routine easy. Oh, and no cancellation fees. Ever. Take a look at those options here.


  • Are kids allowed in class?

    At present, the minimum age to attend our classes is 15 years old.
    We love the idea of kids meditating, however we’ve found our typical class format is best suited for adults. We look forward to having kids classes in the near future!

  • Do you offer any meditation trainings?

    On occasion we offer trainings in both guided and sound meditation.

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