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If you’re new to meditation, you have nothing to worry about. Our mission is to make our classes as comfortable as possible for everyone by removing any barriers or distractions so that you can have the best meditation experience possible. If you have a question about our classes, our approach, or what to expect, chances are you’re not the first to ask. Read below for the answer.

Before Class FAQs

What classes are best for beginners?

All of our classes include all the fundamental elements of meditation, making them great for beginners. Our guides are trained at helping everyone – from novices to experienced meditators. The most important thing is that you make meditation a regular part of your routine.

Can I cancel my class at any time?

You can, but we do have a late cancellation policy. If you cancel within 2 hours of your class reservation, you will be charged a fee of $10.

What time should I arrive for my class?

New guests – We require all new guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to the class time so we can give you an orientation and show you around the studio.

Existing guests – We recommend that you arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to class time. That’s just enough time to use the restroom, take off your shoes, and decompress before class. 

Meditation Door Policy – To ensure a positive experience for all guests, classes begin promptly at their scheduled start times. Once the door is closed, no guests can enter the meditation room. We are very strict about this policy. Once the door is closed, it will remain closed unless an emergency arises, or at the discretion of the Guide.

What should I wear? Do I need to bring anything?

There’s really no such thing as meditation apparel! If it’s comfortable, you can wear it, but please keep in mind that our silk hammocks are quite delicate. So we kindly ask that you not wear any clothing with sharp or jagged elements. We do have lockers and cubbies for your cell phone, keys, shoes and that occasional studded leather jacket you forgot to leave at home.

Like many experiences, if you go into meditation with a positive mind, you’ll have a good time.

What Covid-19 precautions have you implemented?

You can breathe easy at Current Meditation. We’re fully committed to making your studio experience a safe and healthy one. In addition to providing hand sanitizer, regularly wiping down surfaces, and disinfecting our hammocks between classes, we are taking many other steps to ensure your well-being and peace of mind. These include a commercial-grade HEPA air purification system that removes 99.99% of particles related to Covid-19. The HEPA air filtration system completely filters all of the air in the meditation room – two times through – during each class. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more about the Covid-19 precautions we are taking.

What is your cell phone policy?

No cell phones or electronics are allowed in the meditation room. We provide complimentary lockers and cubbies to store your belongings.

What if I fall asleep?

It’s not the end of the world if you do, but sleeping and meditating are very different activities. When you’re meditating, you’re actively training your brain. Dozing off won’t help you build mental fitness. If you do drift off, our Guides will gently bring you back to the land of the conscious. Here are a few things you can do to stay awake:

  • Meditate sitting upright instead of laying down or in the hammocks.
  • Avoid eating within a few hours of meditating.
  • Keep your eyes softly open with a gaze at something still in front of you.
  • Use a scent such as a citrus or peppermint essential oil to activate your brain.
  • Come to class in the morning instead of before bed if you have a tendency to fall asleep.
  • Drink a bit of coffee, juice or tea (just not too much to where you are overstimulated)!

What if other people fall asleep and start snoring?

We do have a snoring policy because snoring can be distracting to others. Out of respect to everyone in the room, if you begin to snore we will wake you gently and give you an anti-snoring head strap or nose strip. If the snoring continues, you may be asked to meditate sitting on the ground, a chair, or to step out of the room. If you know you have a tendency to fall asleep, please ask for a head strap or nose strip in advance, or switch to the grounded position.

Is meditation a religious experience?

Meditation traces its roots to Eastern philosophy, specifically Buddhism. But the practice itself is non-denominational. The modern approach we take at Current is neuroscientific in nature and excludes any religion-based principles. We are simply focused on maximizing physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits for you!

How will I know if it’s working?

The effects of mindfulness are subtle, but very real. You might notice you don’t check your phone as much when in the company of others. Maybe your partner commends you on your listening skills. Or you’ll be able to calmly center yourself before a company-wide presentation. By taking just one class, you’re already rewiring your brain for the better. You’ll feel its effects when you get into a situation and find yourself saying, “Wow, I handled that differently than I used to. And I like it.”

Are kids allowed in class?

We love the idea of kids meditating, however we’ve found our typical class format is best suited for adults. That’s why the minimum age to attend our classes is 15 years. However, we do hope to offer classes for kids in the near future!

I have an injury and can’t sit on the floor, can I still meditate comfortably?

Absolutely. Our aerial silk hammocks are designed to help reduce physical strain and distractions as they relieve pressure on the body. We also provide high quality, padded and adjustable floor cushions which offer great back support and allow you to sit at any angle, or even lay down. There’s even a bench in our meditation room if that’s more your speed.

I’m pregnant. Can I lay in a hammock?

Our hammocks are designed to gently relieve tension with pressure therapy, making for a very soothing experience. While our hammocks are safe, can support lots of weight, and are extremely comfortable for most people, they do require that you lay on your back. So it’s important to clear this with your doctor first. As an alternative, many members love our grounded positions and even prefer them to the hammocks. We have bolsters, soft cushions, and blankets to make the experience comfortable for you.

What is the difference between Restore and Focus classes?

Restore is an all-levels class utilizing neuroscience-based techniques that allow the brain to rest in a deep state of calm. As a result, these classes are highly relaxing and restorative. You’re likely to experience a deeper level of meditation than ever before, somewhere between wakefulness and sleep (also known as the theta state). We encourage our guests to fully relax and lay back, using either the Aerial Hammocks or reclined grounded positions. It can be easy to fall asleep during these classes, so we ask that you remain awake and aware so you can maximize the benefits and not disturb others.

Focus is an all-levels class emphasizing a more focused practice. Classes are based on neuroscience and exercises proven to sharpen the brain and increase focused awareness. This includes advanced mindfulness techniques, focused attention-based practices, and more. Focus classes cultivate traditional mindfulness skills that students can apply outside of class. It’s important to remember that mindfulness is not about emptying the mind. It’s about paying attention to thoughts as they happen, along with everything else happening in the present, such as the breath, body, sounds, and other sensations. Students will be seated upright in grounded positions with the option to recline or lay back for the sound portion of these classes.

How much weight can the hammocks support?

While they’re pretty to look at, our hammocks are also incredibly strong. In fact, they can support up to 325 lbs in weight.

After Class FAQs

I found it so hard to stop thinking! What am I doing wrong?

Nothing! After all, meditation is not about stopping thoughts. It’s the practice of learning to notice that you’re thinking. When you notice that you are thinking, you have separated yourself from your thoughts and arrived at a place of awareness. Every time you notice yourself thinking, you’re actually succeeding at meditating.

How long will it take to see results?

Everyone is different, but most people see results within one or two months. In the early stages, you’ll probably feel the results more strongly on days you meditate. But once you make meditation a consistent part of your life, you’ll see the benefits even on days you don’t meditate. We encourage you to take part in our 5-month Skills Challenge so you can track your progress, note your improvements, and learn to observe the changes happening in your brain and body.

How long should I meditate and how often to keep up the benefits?

Attending class every day is optimal. But we know that’s not possible for everyone. In those cases, we recommend that you attend class at least three times a week. Mental fitness is just like physical fitness in that it’s important to stay active in order to keep your brain in shape. It’s also okay if you start small and work your way up. The key is to simply start, and then commit to a routine so you can maximize the results. We have multiple membership and class pack options to help make that possible for you.

How do I make this a regular practice?

If you are ready to establish a routine and see results quickly, we strongly recommend that you participate in our Skills Challenge. This exciting and interactive experience will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, work your brain, and guide you through the first 5 months of your journey to help you establish a routine. The Skills Challenge will help you build real skills from your meditation practice that you can use in your everyday life.

I was restless during class. How can I sit still?

It happens. The important thing is to not judge your restlessness, or feel like you’re doing something wrong. Instead, bring awareness to your feelings of restlessness without trying to fight them. If they become too intense, practice scanning your body for tension and gently let go of it. If sitting still is a challenge, practice mindful movement by moving very slowly. But don’t worry about it too much. The more you meditate, the easier it will be to remain still. Here are a few other tips to help lessen restlessness:

  • Avoid eating within a few hours of meditation.
  • Use a calming scent such as lavender essential oil.
  • Eliminate any caffeine intake right before class.
  • Try laying down on the ground during meditation or laying in the silk hammocks.

Can I own a Current Meditation studio?

Yes you can! We are planning to expand Current Meditation into other markets and will be offering franchising opportunities to select qualified parties. If you are interested, please email us at

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